“A Rich Man is not one who has much, but one who gives much.  For what he gives away, remains his forever"

Dimitri Georgakopoulos–present Chair

The Stewardship program is an integral part of membership at St. Demetrios and embodies the true spirit of “free will giving." It is also a primary example of how we attempt to "bear fruit," with God's help, at our parish. Stewards are encouraged to give their time, talent and treasure, proportionately, meaningfully and freely. Our parish has over 500 families that participate in a wide range of ministries from youth programs to senior fellowship organizations, and our mutual stewardship supports all of these efforts.

The program kicks off every year on Stewardship Sunday, traditionally the first Sunday in December. The Stewardship chairman presents offers a presentation following the Divine Liturgy, after which all the Parish Council members present their pledge cards. Stewards are also encouraged to bring their pledge cards and pass them in at this time. Afterwards, a complimentary Stewardship brunch takes place in the parish hall which is always a fun event.

We ask our Stewards to make payments toward their pledge throughout the year. While some can make the entire payment upfront, many choose to use our weekly envelopes or our credit card payment method to fulfill their pledge. Quarterly statements are sent to each family, tracking their payment progress toward the pledge goal.

Stewardship, though, is not one-dimensional. We are called to offer a total response to the Lord for all He has done for us. In addition to our financial offerings, our heartfelt time, creativity, ability and energy are also vital to the mission of our parish family. Many stewards of St. Demetrios serve on our Parish Council, teach Church School, plan events, or help with outreach projects. Their response to God’s blessings is broad and spans their entire person—they offer Him the “first fruits” of their lives.

Welcome to the St. Demetrios Stewardship Program. As we prayerfully consider our 2018-19 Stewardship commitments, may our hearts, hopes and strivings "abide" in our Lord.