Welcome Home

St. Demetrios Church is the beloved spiritual home of more than 500 Orthodox Christian families in the greater Boston area. Since 1959, our parish family has been known for its welcoming outlook, vibrant ministries and rich liturgical life. We trace our spiritual roots to the Apostles themselves, the friends of Christ, and we recognize an unbroken chain of Christian ministry and fellowship from their time to our own. 2000 years young, our faith is ancient yet remarkably modern, speaking to God’s people right here, right now.

The focal point of our life at St. Demetrios is the Divine Liturgy (literally, the “work of the people”). Within this timeless and truly beautiful setting, we commune with Christ, seek growth and healing, and give thanks for our many blessings. Our ongoing challenge is then to live “the Liturgy after the Liturgy”—to act upon the teachings of the Gospel and the transforming experience of worship. We are called, ultimately, to give hands and feet to our faith, bringing life and substance to what we profess.

These things we do together as a parish family. In fact, the ancient term for “church” is ekklesia, the “gathering of the faithful.” So the true Church is not in mortar, stone or steel, but in the hearts of the people who gather in Christ’s name. And at St. Demetrios, the long-time parishioner, new member and spiritual “seeker” alike will be warmed by the spirit of hospitality and genuine friendship found among God’s people. On Sundays and throughout the week, our educational facility and parish hall teem with the sound of friends chatting, children playing and warm welcomes. Here, especially in these difficult times, we rejoice in our friendships and find support in the kind eyes of those who truly care.

In addition to our full docket of educational and fellowship programs for adults, St. Demetrios offers a renowned cycle of youth and young adult ministries. From our bustling Church School, to our energetic teen group, to our basketball program and inspirational “Family Nights,” our children develop a personal relationship with Christ while building healthy friendships that we hope and pray will last a lifetime.

We invite you to join us soon for Sunday worship. Guests and visitors are always welcome. Our clergy, as well as our team of ministry leaders, are more than happy to answer your questions and help you connect at St. Demetrios. Just contact our church office or approach Fr. Nick or Fr. Vincent following the Divine Liturgy.

We look forward to welcoming your family to our St. Demetrios family!