Greek Language School & Dance Program

Greek Language & Cultural School

“Let’s join together as the new year begins … We’ll share and be kind as we work and play, and our friendships will grow with each passing day.”

What a wonderful feeling, the first day of school is just around the corner!  Father Nick, Father Vincent, and the staff of the St. Demetrios Greek Language & Cultural School are excited to welcome you back to school and an academic year full of exciting and enriching lessons and activities.

Please mark your calendar with these important dates:
Sunday, 9/9 Registration, following Liturgy in the Church Hall
Tuesday, 9/11 Registration, Agiasmos Service, Open House, and Social, 4 – 6 pm

In addition, registration will also be held the remaining Sundays in September following Liturgy.

All are welcome. Please note, we welcome 4-year old children to participate in the Pre-Kindergarten program.

For additional information about our Greek School program, please call the Church Office at 781-237-5561 or Avra Parpos at 508-875-2103.

*Classes begin at 4 pm.

 Resources:  (Click to download)
Greek School Calendar
Greek School Registration Form
Greek School Brochure

Greek Folk Dance Program

Children grades 4 – 12 are welcome to join these classes that inspire not only dancing prowess and cultural appreciation but great friendships as well. Yearly events include the March 25 Annunciation program and performances at school events and cultural fairs.  Click here to get involved!